THSLFE Issue 3 Launch Party

What a night. Over 100 people through the door in the first half an hour and you all drank 10 slabs of beer with in 38 minutes, so props on that, haha.

I am truly humbled by the turn out and show of support we received last Wednesday night. It was beyond anything i could have imagined, a huge thank you to everyone that showed up, purchased a copy of Issue 3, a tee, a print or a hat. Thank you again to Harley and the crew at Rooftop Bar for hosting us, Jess and Reggie for sitting the merch table, Matsos for hooking up the drinks, everyone that came through, said whats up, took photos or partied on with us and finally all the artists involved in Issue 3. MUCH LOVE.

I cooked it and didn’t take a single photo on the night, so if anyone else has any please send them through and we will plug you for it.

Thanks to @lekklekklekk, @makersgurl, @floor.pie @lifeinshamblez & @wilhelmphillip for these ones.

You can purchase THSLFE Issue 3 HERE