Stevie Edge Interview

Recently we caught up with Sydney tatooist Stevie Edge.
Stevie is a straight up fucking wizard at what he does, and a cool as fuck dude! check out what he had to say!
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First things first dude, thank you so much for your time, whats cracking?
For those who don’t know, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

And thank you.
Man, just tattooing and drawing a lot.
I am a bit one dimensional…not much to tell haha. I tattoo, i go home, i draw and spend time with my girl, then i tattoo some more. If i have time, i paint. I do also like tv a lot. I hear it’s not cool to say that, but its true…when i draw, the tv is on!
gypsy girl,stevie edge,thslfe

What got you involved in art and tattooing originally?

I always loved drawing when i was a kid, so that was always there. When i first got into to tattoos was when i started getting involved in punk and hardcore…seeing a bunch of tattoos back in the day on those guys is what really got me into that. It was cool…i was just a kid who thought it was cool. That never left i guess!

I guess you could say Tattoo’s have become accepted in todays society, possibly even expected, what ‘s your take on that?

I think its good people can get a bunch of tattoos and not be treated badly, but in the same breath i will say i think it sucks too. That whole image that used to belong to being tattooed is kind of lost now. You have upper class middle aged women with tattoos on them, and………
actually, they pay me to tattoo them, i shouldn’t complain!
Only other shit thing about its acceptance is the rubbish tv shows the marketing machines keep spewing out.
ship tattoo,thslfe

Walk us through a day in your life.

I wake up at about 10, get washed up and turn my swag on(soulja boy referenece! haha) but seriously, get to the shop early (about 11 or so), do some drawing, then start my first tattoo at about 1pm, and stop at 8pm most days. Probably stop for a minute to eat something in the middle there. Go home, hang with my girl…watch some tv, listen to some music, eat, paint…whatever i feel at the time, and usually dont go to sleep till 2 or 3. then reapeat.

What other tattooists and artists are you into, both in Australia and abroad?

Man, the list could go forever.
Tattooers i can think of right now..
Chad Koeplinger, Matt Shamah, Bugsy, Steve Boltz, Jess Swaffer, Bert Krak, Eli Quinters, Daniel albrigo, thomas hooper, Nick Colella, Sean Harrison, Daniel Santoro…there are so many i know i could list more, but i will stop there…

10 years Straight Edge, much respect for that, what initially made you make the choice to go Straight Edge and turn Vegan?

Thank you. I got hold of my first earth crisis album, and reading those lyrics…nothing ever got to me more than that. It just clicked with me, and i knew it was the only way. Straight edge for me…is one thing that will always be there without doubt..its not something that can let you down. When all the people i knew were getting fucked up with drugs and all that shit, i had straight edge. It kept me. Veganism came with that also. I honestly don’t see any other way.

sxe,vegab,vegan,stevie edge,thslfe

I’ve seen a few kids with Straight Edge tattoo’s beer in hand and possum eyed, what are your oppinions and thoughts on Straight Edge becoming another “scene” and grab for attention?

I think its fucked.

Why should people get a tattooed by you?

haha i think that question would be better answered by someone that has been tattooed by me a bunch! If someone likes what i do…come down and get tattooed i guess…There you go, if they like what i do, then they should get tattooed by me for that reason!

Favourite style to tattoo, and medium , apart from tattooing?

I like western traditional tattooing. I guess what i do may not be considered classic, but its based around traditional ideas. And the only other medium i use is watercolor and ink. I enjoy that a lot.
art,stevie edge,thslfe

Where do you/what do you draw inspiration from as an artist?

Well, firstly, i don’t really consider myself an artist. i could never draw or paint a portrait or anything crazy like that. What i do is so simple, anyone could do it…i just got lucky that people want me to do it on them!
Other tattooers currently working, and of course all the old timers flash and stuff from way back.

What’s been going through your speakers of late?

Oh man, right now, a lot of rap and hip hop with a bit of everything else..
The Game, Young Jeezy, Nas, OG style, NWA Cage, Tech N9ne, Wu tang, Ghostface killa…
Then some, blink 182, band of horses, morrissey, buried alive, earth crisis, Glasvegas, pulling teeth, iron age…list could go on!

Greatest accomplishment as an artist/ tattooist?

Tattooing for a living.

No doubt you have seen some pretty fucked tattoo’s in your time, what is the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?

Some shocking tribal on the sketched out dudes neck…it was most messed up thing i have ever seen. The way it healed, and the design! Crazy stuff. All over his neck too!

thslfe,this life,stevie edge,tattoo,sydney,straight edge,vegan

Favourite place to kick it?

Home for sure.

What’s in your pockets right now?

Wallet, phone, keys. nothing special.

What are your views/oppinions on the World and Society today?

I wouldn’t even know where to start. I hate so many things about this world. Its pretty messed up. There are still enough small things that are good to give me some hope though. But generally to quote John Rambo “fuck the world”.

Advice to aspiring artists/tattooists?

If it doesn’t mean everything to you, don’t do it. If you are in it to get money, don’t do it. if you are in it to get laid, don’t do it. If it means everything to you, work your fingers to the bone, and maybe you will get there.
art,stevie edge,thslfe,tattoo

Word association, you know the deal, say the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word.













I need it.

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Stevie Says:

Thanks for reading this…if you want to see more of my work, you can check out:
Thanks so much!!

Last words, shout outs?

I would have to first and foremost thank my girl Cassandra, because honestly, she puts up with a lot due to my tattooing, it is all consuming, and she does her very best to understand that! Without her, i know i wouldn’t even be close to where i am now with my work.

Also my peers in tattooing, some in particular who have encouraged and helped me directly or indirectly with what i do. without them, i am sure i would have given up a long time ago!

And last but not least…my customers. A few in specific who are so loyal, more than i could ever expect. Recommending me, giving people my card, coming and hanging out getting tattooed…you guys know who you are…thank you so much, I am forever grateful! x

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Tom Update

This Life ripper Tom has still been doing what he does best – Ripping.
Thanks for the shots Evo!




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Pass Port

pass port,,thslfe

With the skateboard industry rolling in unison to an extent, Pass Portal are one of the few who are truly stepping it up and bringing out something that is totally original.
With designs inspired from the 1800’s to the 1970’s, Pass Port is a company aiming to set new industry standards, and that doesn’t just stop with clothing designs, Pass Port is constantly working on new ideas, concepts and designs to achieve it.

Needless to say when i stumbled upon the Passportal blog i was stoked at what i had found!

In the longest email he has ever written, i recently caught up with 24 year old Co-Owner and Art Director Trent.

After attending Design College, working in skate stores, as well as designing for numerous companies and individual Trent was closely working with another company around two years ago when he thought it was time to branch of and start something else, something new that he could put all his time & “soul” into”.

“I wanted a name that really didn’t really have any boundaries and something that couldn’t be boxed into one idea. He sees Pass Port as a ‘vessel’ admitting it is “a place where people can jump on board, collaborate, try something new and test the waters. Basically it is a label made for anyone and everyone who wants to express themselves creatively, with the bigger picture of always having people contributing no matter what it be, I know a lot of people in a lot of different fields and I want to collaborate with them on so many different levels”.

Along with Co-Owner Ben and a handful of close friends working on graphics/ prints/ and concepts, the bigger picture with Pass Port “is to always have people contributing no matter what it be. We have many “passengers” now, be it skateboarders or contributing artists, all doing what they want to do. We have a lot of stuff still in the pipeline and I can’t wait to just keep on releasing newer and fresher products”.

pass port,this life,

Trent says he draws inspiration from his surrounding opposed to a work by a definitive individual. “Everything from just pushing around the streets, going out to a show, reading a good magazine, reading a bad magazine, old books, new books, friends & there art, films, animation, cutting, pasting, travelling, anything really”

Incorporating Semi-Modern design along with drawing references from design work from everything as early as the 1800’s, the classy 50’s and the experimental 60’s and 70’s, though the designs aren’t just influenced by fashion trends of the past, “ I will see something from some old magazine or some nature book, and I will not be able stop thinking about what i can do with it. I am always keen to throw a bit of everything into the mix, it just depends on the circumstances. But consistency does count”!

“We just try and make the best quality skateboards, skateboard parts and general attire for people who are into something different i guess, no tacky shit. We want to be constantly evolving, and not cutting any corners. Right now we are in the mix of new boards, improving on shapes and construction, constantly working on new graphics, new collaborations, fresh packaging, new concepts, new shirt prints. It’s about setting new standards for skateboarding and all its ties be it the deck design, the clothing or the companies direction and that of all its contributors”

As for what’s next you will have to keep a look out. “I have people
abroad and based in Australia keen to jump on the Pass Port ship”

skateboard,this life,,pass port

pass port,,this life

thslfe,this life,pass port

pass port,skateboard,this life,

skateboard,pass port,,this life

pass port,this life,

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Skate or Fly

Pics:James Schlunke
Skater: Dean Johnson
Location: Death Valley, 2666





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Bada Bing, Bada Boom.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, i’ve been slack! Keep checking back though, there are a few things about to drop that you won’t want to miss!

I had all intentions of doing a massive skate and moto pic session with Tom and Dean, but time, wind and weather were not really on our side this weekend!
Here are a few pics i took on my travels over the long weekend, enjoy.

light,long exposure,photography,this life,,thslfe,

thislife,this life,thslfe,,photography,long exposure,

Moon lit water featuring dead trees and noise, long exposure, these pics turned out rad!

star wars,star wars,starwars,thislife,,

Star wars.

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Rich Hadley

Working at One Shot Charlies in Stourbridge in the U.K. Rich does some down right amazing Bold, simple and clean Western Traditional tattoos!

Check out what he had to say when i caught up with him recently.

Thank you for your time dude, whats been happening?

No problem. Just tattooing man! Preparing for some travelling! Im leaving sunny stoubridge for a few weeks to work in belgium

For those who don’t know, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a tattooer from england. I work in a studio called One Shot Charlies, with Lee Pound. I mainly do western traditional style tattoos.

How did you first find out you had a talent for art and tattooing, at what point did you decide to persue it as a career?

As cliche as it sounds, ive been drawing since before I can remember. I started getting tattooed and hanging out at the local tattoo studio, and drawing more and more. I started getting more comfortable there and used to being around heavily tattooed people. After a while I was more confident with my drawing and approached them about a possible apprenticeship.

I guess you could say Tattoo’s have become accepted in today’s society, possibly even expected, obviously there being more people for you to tattoo is a good thing, but do you think there is a downside to it?

Yeah, all the scratchers that infest myspace. I dont like to bitch about tattooers, but with tattooing becoming more accepted and more popular, there has been the wave of people who think its going to be an easy ride – that think theyre going to make millions and be on tv even though they cant really draw.
Also its becoming easier and easier to purchase “starter kits” on the internet, which isnt a good thing for anyone.

How do you think certain “reality” tattoo shows on TV have effected tattooing on a broad scale?

I guess I have mixed opinions, but on the whole i think they have had a positive effect on the industry. They opened up alot of peoples eyes to good tattooing.

What other tattooists and artists are you into or influenced by?

Steve byrne, Chad koeplinger, Rudy Fritsch, Javi Rodriguez, Thomas Hooper, Jondix, Steve Boltz, Bert Krak, Eli Quinters, Todd Noble.. the list goes on!

Favourite style to tattoo, and medium to work with apart from tattooing?

I like to tattoo bold simple traditional, with bold lines and lots of heavy shading. Although recently Ive started tattooing more womens faces with more delicate shading.
And I guess watercolour and ink!

Where do you, or what do you draw inspiration from as an artist?

Im not sure really, I guess from good tattoos!

What’s been pumping through your speakers lately?

Polar bear club – chasing hamburg, converge – axe to fall, dead swans – sleepwalkers

Greatest accomplishment as an artist/ tattooist?

Becoming a full time professional tattooer.

No doubt you have seen some pretty fucked tattoo’s in your time, what is the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?

Haha! Hard to say man, i’ve seen so many sketchy tattoos. I saw a pretty rough “japanese sleeve” a few days ago.. That one was definately in my top 3.

What are your thoughts on the Tattoo scene in the U.K., compared to the rest of the world?

I havent had enough experience working abroad to comment on the rest of the worlds tattoo scene, but I think the UK scene is good. There are a lot of great young artists pushing the boundries and theres always someone keeping me on my toes.

Favourite place to kick it?


What was your first tattoo, and who did it?

It was a black and grey greenman on my right forearm by a guy who worked in the studio I apprenticed at.

What’s in your pockets right now?

Change, cigarettes + a lighter

What are your views/opinions on the World and Society today?

I think they are both nice.

Name 5 things you couldn’t live without.

Customers (I’d have no money)

Advice to aspiring artists/tattooists?

Don’t buy a starter kit and don’t be a bullshit scratcher who posts their shit attempts at tattoos on the internet and gets all their friends to tell them how great they are.

If you weren’t tattooing you’d be…..

I have no idea man..I’d be totally lost

Anything in the mix or coming up that we should know about?

Yeah! Im doing a few guest spots over the winter, one in Norwich at Indigo on the 16th and 17th of October, then 19th to the 26th I’ll be at Siam Fiftyseven in Mons (Belgium)

Rich Says:

Get tattooed by good tattooers, there’s a bunch on the internet so there is no excuse for going to someone ‘ no good. Do your research!

Word association, you know the deal, say the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word.










I’m hungry

The Queen




VW Beetle










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This evenings occular goodness

Headed out to West skatepark today with Jimmy for a bit of an arvo sesh, i managed to get a few cool (even though they are slightly miss timed) pics before Jimmy had to call it a day.

Nikon D80, Natural light, and as always, no photoshop.

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