Firstly, thank you for your time, what’s up?

No prob. Chilling in home,reading my emails.

For those who are unfamiliar with you and what you do, can you tell us a bit

About yourself?

I am from Copenhagen Denmark , Europe, been doing the do…I see myself as a creative person,trying to leave a mark behind!

How did you initially get into graffiti and how has your style progressed from when you began?

Through electric boogie, my eyes got interested in the pieces from the background!

Beginning it was simple humouristic and innocent.

How did you come up with your tag, why Bates?

I saw a tv series called V for victory, one of the characters was called Bates,i chose

It cause it sounded funky and had some letters i liked.

What inspires you to go out and paint?

Being creative,put my mind to something else

And just pure love for just painting…and you can always get better.

What’s in your pockets right now?

Keys and a card.

You began writing in ’84, so you’re no new comer, how have you seen graffiti evolve over the last quarter of a century?

Man…It’s crazy,you see graff in any corners of the world. Technique is getting faster and better.

In that time you must have been in some pretty crazy situations and have a few stories to tell, what has been a stand out moment for you?

Tonight ,i did a underpass of a bridge, seen by the trainline and a huge

Highway next to it, cops stopped on the other side,anyways i manage

to finish(looked shitty)and get away.

What’s been pumping through your head phones lately?

Latest Mos Def.

How does a typical day in the world of Bates unfold?

Doing a piece in the morning before going to work work work work, home chilling prepare for the next day.

Advice to up and coming artists?

Practice a lot on paper.

Anything coming up that we should know about?

Check out my website, every day in december a new update with flicks and click in on our new webshop and invest in some art.

Word association, you know the deal, say whatever comes to your mind when

you read the word.


Always wanted to go and rock some shit out there….Never been there yet!!!


Kevin Rudd




Proud Dane


Lars løkke rasmussen




I need to go there again.



Just been in copenhagen today for the climate meeting



Is like graffiti for some.



Time will tell.



Some are.






And love



Going out to paint.



When will you learn the art will never die?



Taking alot of a my time.



Aint fun without being creative.



You gotta do what makes you happy.

Where can people follow what you’re up to and view your work?

Website,webshop and my blog.

Last words, shout outs?

Peace and respect.

Early 90’s piece by Bates in the Bronx

Burn Your Newspapers And Smash Your TV’s

Dean and Tom have been once again, succeeding at life, The TTB contingent headed out to Jacko Strong’s Ranch for a ride last weekend, Tom and Jarryd McNeil on the bikes and Dean behind the lense.

The pics of Dean skating were shot by Georgia Barrett at Wagga skatepark, thanks dude!!

On another note, i am now also writing for JP’s Fresh Bread, my posts there will be different to what i post here, so be sure to check that out as well.


Tommy Rob stretching out


The TTB contingent have been holding it down in 2666 ( Death Valley) lately, check these vids of Jack and Dean tearing shit up!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday for today Jack – Hope you have a rad one man!

Jack Tagliabue

Dean Johnson

Dean and Tom winning at life

…As they always seem to do.

Riders: Tom Robinson and Joel Brown.
Photos:Dean Johnson

Tom is absolutely fucking ripping lately, the dude seriously has more tricks than yo’ mumma.

Oh and here is a pic of Dean skating, because i forgot to throw it up last time!

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Master Thomas

Free Image Hosting at

– Daaaaaayum!
Free Image Hosting at

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Of the aforementioned, cementing the fact that Dean rips at things.




Crack Shack Harem stylin'!







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Things people should know about Dean are:

He lives in some fucked out crack shack in the middle of no where with a full blown harem out the back, he is the master Jedi pimp to more bitches than you could count.

He is a one talented mother fo', who rips at whatever the fuck he does.

He once had a dog born without eye lids.

Has been through 25 boards in 4 years.

Life Sentence to TTB.

One of the above is not true…Personally, i find it hard to believe option A is not 100% cold hard fact.

More on Dean and his inter galactic journey through space and time soon, in the mean time, enjoy these pics he shot of Tom.







this life,fmx

moto,moto-x,thslfe,dirt bike


this life

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Dean Johnson

…is now a part of the This Life family.

Dean personifies everything This Life is about – That being Individuality,Creativity and general fucking radness.

Dean shot me through an email with this pic attached, Evidently, Skateboarding, Photography and Life are not the only things Dean succeeds at.

Mixed media and Stencil on Skate Decks – Sweet!


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