Daniel Octoriver Interview

In the coming weeks we will be interviewing all the artists who have been involved in the THSLFE Issues , starting this month with Daniel Octoriver.
Octo is an absolute lord of a dude and will be featured in THSLFE Issue 3. You can find him working at Good Luck Tattoo, Richmond.



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First up, thank you for your time, what’s been happening?

Thanks for including me in this in interview. I’ve been well. I hope the same to you. I Just got back from my hometown in Indonesia. It was good to see friends and family.

For those who are unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
My name is Daniel Octoriver. Octoriver is an actual name not an alter ego. I am a tattoo artist working at GOOD LUCK TATTOO in Richmond. I’ve been tattooing close to 9 years.
I enjoy doing Western Traditional Tattoos, Black and Grey, Script, or anything that works as a tattoo that won’t look like shit in 20 years time.

Do you recall when you first got in to art? How do you feel the environment you grew up in has influenced you style and approach to art and what you do today?
From as far as I can remember I was always scribbling on something. I love drawing and colouring. Both my parents are artistic in a way but didn’t consider themselves as an artist. It was my Grandmother who I must really thank for surrounding me with so much Books, Art & Craft as a kid. I didn’t appreciate what she did as a kid but now that i’m a little bit older and actually making a living from Art, I’m totally grateful that I grew up with my grandparents.

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What phases/styles did you go through artistically to come to do what you do now and who/what influenced or attracted you to those styles along the way? How did this lead to you starting to tattoo?
I was a huge nerd as a kid. I read a lot of comic books, watched a lot of cartoons, scribbling and played a lot of video games. Until I found out that girls are a lot more fun. As well as being around my grandmother who is a florist and folk artist. Also my art teacher back in middle school. I remember his way of doing the script writing which i still use on my daily basis. During high school I started playing basketball more seriously and was immersed in the hiphop culture which also led to my interest in graffiti. I started doing a little bit but nothing too serious. My Step Dad had noticed my interest in graffiti so he told me to stop being a fuck head because I’d get locked up and get sent back to Indo. So he told me to try tattooing. I thought he was fucking kidding himself. I never thought my drawing was good enough to get a job in a tattoo shop and make a living out of it. I had no interest in it whatsoever. I gave it a go anyway cause I had enough of labouring. I never look back since.

Getting up every day knowing that you have to create can be a hard thing to do, how do you stay motivated and what inspires you to get up and do what you do every day?
Before i started tattooing i did gardening,rubbish removing ,tree lopping, scrubbing printer parts and fixing them. Remembering how much I didn’t like those jobs, is my motivation to get up in the morning and go to work and feel pumped and grateful that I don’t have to cut someone’s lawn in 40 degree heat. Instead I’m in air conditioning comfort…Drawing on people and hanging out with mates, so I’m super stoked

Do you set out to receive a particular reaction with you work?
Not really…..It’s up to the punters whether or not they going to like my work. I’m just gonna keep doing stuff that i like. Even if it isn’t necessary attractive to everyone. But I felt like people are getting into more weird and wacky things these days.

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What do you think about social media platforms on their effect on Tattooing and the Tattoo Industry?
Social media is good because it makes the world a lot smaller now. We can see what people in London or New York are doing, what tattoos they are doing, what kinda tattoos people are getting, so it’s good to be updated since we are so far away from everyone and everything. Plus it’s free advertising for us.

The bad… There’s a lot. I’m gonna sound like a miserable old bastard if i start ranting so I won’t bother.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve encountered, seen or been asked to do while working in a Tattoo Shop?

Fuck there’s a lot. People pass out all the time, that’s normal. Been farted on, vomited, pissed, luckily not shit. When I worked in QLD, cunts used to come in all the time and tell me to translate their kids name into Chinese or Kanji cause they assumed all Asians are capable of doing that.

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Alright, lets talk some shit.

What’s in your pockets right now?
Phone, wallet, keys.

What have you been reading, listening to and watching lately?

Adventure of Doraemon.
a lot of Trap music.
Making A Murderer.

What are five things that you always pack with you on your travels?
My diary
Comic book.

What’s next for Octo? Anything happening or coming up we should know about?
I recently just moved to GOOD LUCK tattoo in Richmond. Come say hi if you are around in the area. Get tattooed. Bring your Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop, Aunty, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, your Cats and Dogs.
I will be doing more interstate trips. I’m also looking into getting the QLD & NSW tattoo license so I can go do a guest spot at your state more regularly. So please keep an eye out.

Word association, you know the deal, say whatever comes to your mind when you read the word.

Australia bogans
Instagram chicks
Tattoo trad
Religion Jesus Chris
Time heals
Ugly mut
Free hotdog
Art kenoath
Life stoked
up A town

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Facebook:Daniel Octoriver

Thank You.



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